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Welcome to Alson Pizzeria Restaurant & Bar, where our specialty is delicious Italian and Spanish cuisine created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic flavors of Italy and Spain itself.


Mon – Fri: 12am – 12pm
Sat & Sun: 12am – 10pm


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Carrer de Tamarit, 82
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Modern Flavour

We take great pride in improving upon your favourite Italian dishes especially PIZZA in new and creative ways. Come and experience Italian and Spanish cooking our way!

Food Reimagined

We serve oven-fresh creations brimming with the cheesy and tangy goodness people have come to love, plus a few more flavors to spice things up!

Fresh Ingredients

The concept of fresh is very core to our restaurant model, and it’s also very challenging to plate the fresh ingridents in shortest time possible, but the happiness and satisfaction that comes with your smile is value to us.

Daily Menus

Our daily menu are seasonal and with exclusive collection of daily nutrition meal plans. They are daily suggestions or outlines, and will not be tailored to your specific dietary needs.


A Fresh Approach 

We create a chain-light caesars treat, and our attempts is to achieve a similar to deep pan style  pizza but light crispy favourite which has become a distant memory.  And our creation does still manages to be substantial enough to carry the topping, especially with the crispy parmesan base coat.

Our innovative fresh approach is going strong, stuffing crusts, and providing across the Barcelona with at least one option. And if you order Alosn’s Pizza don’t forget to review and share!

Make a Reservation

 We are more graceful and upscale, you can enjoy private party, family gathering, friends meet-up, romantic date night atmosphere.

Any Day,
Any Time

Sharing hearty laughter and lively conversations over freshly baked pizza with loved ones sounds great after a long, stressful day at work. Be it a simple family dinner or a much-awaited weekend get-together with friends, Dine in our restaurant and enjoy our delicacies. We also serve continental tailored on event dishes. Contact us for more information and find out what we have in store for you! We look forward to serving you.


What We’re Known For 

Bite-Sized Treats

Our bite-sized treats are basically tapas themed plates. These fresh delicious bites are the perfect way to indulge in something explore and satisfy your starter craving.

Signature Pizzas

Experience the oven-fresh creations brimming with the cheesy and tangy goodness, deep pan style pizza but light crispy favourite

Lava-Rock Grills

Enjoy with Alson’s Sizzling Lava-Rocks Grills, It is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of char down healthy and smokie flavour.


Raving Reviews

From avid pizza lovers to adventurous diners and casual customers, everybody’s lining up in our restaurant to sink their teeth into our signature pizzas, and so should you! Our pizzas are just one of the many delectable dishes we have in store for you. Check out the feedback from our satisfied diners to learn more. 

Mitchell Stephens


The Sants-Montjuïc seems like a culinary wasteland, tromp to this calle tamarit lunch refuge. While the thin-crust pizzas are righteous, the jaw strecthing heroes are so fabulously sloppy they’ll stain even the most cautious diner’s shirt. Though the momo has their fans, the meatball is the all-star.

Sara Fernandez


Alson’s delivers wonderful thin crust Pizza to the Barcelona pizza lovers. Crispy delicious six slices pies feature such extras as fresh mushrooms, sundried tomatoes & sliced olives. The mozzarella is good, but the sauce is the thing. So so delecious! that corner establishment is a gem.


News & Events

Your quest for the best-tasting pizza ends at Alson’s Pizzeria Restaurant & Bar! nestled in the heart of Barcelona City. Get updated and informed on our latest offerings and comprehensive coverage of the daily menus, and insights into our restaurant upcoming events to you.

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